COVID 19 Business Resources

  • Information on reopening efforts in Vermont can be found here

  • Retail establishments can use the Vermont Department of Health's calculator to determine occupancy restrictions during COVID 19

  • "Limited Capacity Permitted" poster can be found here. Other retail posters are here

  • Worker Saftey Resources can be found here.

  • If your business has been closed for even a few weeks you may need to flush the water system. Info on water system flushing can be found here.

Wear a Mask If You Are Leaving the House

The town of Brattleboro requires the use of a cloth face-covering inside all businesses. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the state of Vermont recommend wearing a cloth face mask if you are going out in public. Wearing a mask does not mean you do not need to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet, it is simply one more measure to protect you and the public. The CDC has more information and a tutorial on how to make your own on their site here.

Keep Yourself and Others Safe During COVID 19

If you are have traveled to Massachusettes, New York, or any other COVID 19 hotspots, have been to a health care facility where people are infected with COVID 19, have any respiratory symptoms including feeling unwell, cough, fever, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing please call your primary care physician. For more information visit the resources page. If you are returning to VT from a COVID 19 hotspot please self isolate for 14 days before going in public to reduce the spread of the virus. 

If you need help getting access to food or other essentials there are resources that can help.

Upcoming Events

Both stations are currently closed to the public to mitigate spread of COVID 19. Please call if you have any questions, we can't wait to open be for tours and community events!
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Focused on Community 

As a fire department, we aren't just here to put out fires. We are here to be a part of this community. To see some of the ways the fire department can help you, head over to our Resources page. 

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