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COVID 19 Resources

Information about COVID 19 from the state of Vermont, can be found at the Vermont Health Department website. Stay at Home information can be found on the Vermont State website. 


Brattleboro specific information about COVID 19 can be found at the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital page.

National Resources for COVID 19 can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization

If you or someone you have been in close contact with develops symptoms please call your primary care physician. Only call 911 in emergencies. 

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Burn Permits

Burn permits may be issued to  Brattleboro town residents who wish to have a fire on their property. Fires must be out by dark and may not contain anything other than natural wood. In dry conditions, the town reserves the right to deny permits. If the fire gets out of control the permit holder has a responsibility to call 911 so firefighters can put it out before it endangers structures or wildlands.

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Extinguisher Training

The fire department offers live fire extinguisher training to businesses and small groups. These are offered Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. To set up a training please call the station during those times at (802) 254-4831.

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If you would like to report a code violation please fill out the  Code Enforcement Complaint Form and mail it to:

Inspections/Code Enforcement Division

Brattleboro Fire Department

103 Eliot St

Brattleboro VT 05301


 TQP forms can be found here. Please fill out and return at least 10 working days after the inspection and email to

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Sharps Disposal

All used needles and other sharp objects that have punctured the skin pose a serious health risk to the public. These items must be disposed of in thick plastic containers that are clearly marked and sealed and may be thrown away in a regular trash disposal. Do not recycle. For more information visit the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

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Hanging Banners

To have the fire department hang your banner on Main Street you must first apply for a permit with the Town of Brattleboro. All banners must comply with the banner policy set forth by the town. 

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Fire Damage Information

Anyone can be affected by fire damage in your home or business. Fire is the disaster that does not discriminate. To learn more about fire damage risks, steps to take following the fire and the restoration process, please click here.

Fire Prevention Resources

For information about fire prevention, you can visit the Vermont Division of Fire Safety or the National Fire Protection Association.

If you would like the Brattleboro Fire Department to do a fire safety presentation for your school or business please call the station during business hours to schedule a time.


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Support for Fire Professionals


Many men and women struggling with substance abuse issues are looking for a place dedicated to supporting fire professionals.  The Recovery Village has an IAFF specific facility dedicated to assisting firefighters.  More information can be found at The Recovery Village

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