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Brattleboro firefighters training

Mission Statement

We will remain Focused on providing a safe environment for the people of our community. Our commitment to core values of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence will resonate with every interaction and task we are a part of.


Our Town,

Our People,

Our Responsibility.


The Brattleboro Fire Department was founded in 1831. It is currently made up of 21 career firefighters who work at the station 24/7 in three shifts working 24 hours with 48 hours off in between. Brattleboro Fire Department also has the administrative staff, alarm superintendent, and inspector. Firefighters respond to all nature of emergencies as well as fires, including car accidents, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies and wildland fires. All our firefighters are certified as at least Emergency Medical Technicians.  

If you are interested in touring either of our fire stations, feel free to call or stop by at Central Station in downtown or at Station Two in West Brattleboro.

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